Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Chuckle

Since nobody seemed to enjoy my "Bjorn Free" joke earlier this week, I figure I'll try another one...

Early one morning, a family of moles wake up. Father mole decides to poke his head out of the ground to take a look at the crisp morning. He burrows up the tunnel through the opening, looks around and takes a sniff. "Honey, I think I smell Oregano out here," he says to Mother mole. Mother mole pokes her head out the hole and starts sniffing around. "No, I'm pretty sure it's Basil." The mother counters.

As the two parents are debating what the smell is outside their mole hole, the baby mole is curious and wants to take a whiff himself. He tries to get past his parents, but they block the entire hole. Exasperated, the baby mole cries out, "All I smell is molasses!"


Gramma said... son, my son.

Hannelie said...

LOL, good one!!