Friday, June 16, 2006

Timing is everything

I wonder if there's an election coming up.

There must be, because Congress had a vote yesterday on whether or not to withdraw the troops from Iraq. (Check this link from the Moderate Voice.)

This is just days after President Bush praised recent progress in Iraq. What great timing.

I wonder, though, if such a transparent act as a vote on a non-binding resolution will serve to shore up the vote for the Republicans or if a tired public who is sick of issues created for issue-sake will continue to be fooled by these actions.

I'm not a Republican, that much is certain. But I'm not a Democrat, either. However it bothers me that the Republicans would rather try to paint a picture of the Democrats rather than address the issues that are at hand. We don't need to talk about an immediate withdrawal from Iraq because we know it's not going to happen. That is baiting, and is wrong. Gay marriage? Why was that such an issue last month, of all time? Really? "Politically ripe?"

The administration got a brief bit of good news in Iraq. They would have been better served to run with that, in my opinion, than to try to create a bigger wedge. I think this will end up shooting them in the face, as it were.

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Hannelie said...

I heard Bush had an unannounced trip to Iraq the other day too, wonder if he was checking things out?
I certainly hope it happens sooner then later at least.