Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Location, Location, Location

So, here's the deal. You want to open up a business. The idea is that you need to choose the best possible spot for that business.

Let's say you want to open an Australian Brothel. You look all over the city, trying to find that perfect place. The market? No. The bowling alley? Nahh. The laundromat? While convenient for changing the sheets, probably not the best spot.

You scratch your head, bewildered at the pickle in which you find yourself, when it hits you! It's so obvious! Why didn't you think of it before?! What place could be better to open your brothel than next to a cemetary?!

Unfortunately, legislators in Queensland, Australia don't believe that these two substantially related businesses belong together, and are pushing for legislation that would keep the brothels away from cemetaries. A cemetary, you see, is a place for quiet reflection for families. A brothel has no business going up next door.

Brothels and Cemetaries... what'll they think of next?


nuje said...

Mmm "quiet reflection"

Gramma said...

Don't they both involve having a person on his back? Sounds like a pretty strong similarity.

Hannelie said...

Well Steve, my hubby just told me that's the best place (cemetery) to go and test all kinds of pyrotechnics when in high shool, no one around to see or hear!