Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When you lose a tooth, you need a good...


At least, you did in our house last night. The Boy lost another tooth - he now has three teeth missing from his head. So, his mom elected to wash the tooth off, to get the blood off it, so the tooth fairy wouldn't be grossed out by it. As she's washing it off, it slips from her hand and goes down the drain. The boy is distraught, as you might imagine, and the mom is feeling really bad. So, who comes to the rescue? Plumber dad! That's right, me! Now, bear in mind that my life experience with plumbing consists of changing the washers in my mom's kitchen sink back in the early 1990s - I am therefore an expert in all things plumbing.

So, I get under the sink, find the U joint, take it off, and hope that the tooth is resting at the bottom of the foul-smelling bit of water.

I find hair. Lots of hair. I think Sasquatch shaved in my bathroom, followed by the Hungarian women's soccer team, then Chewbacca.

I find no tooth. I think it was dissolved by the massive amounts of hair that I found, but I can't confirm that. There was a lot of hair. Jimmy Hoffa might have been hiding in there, for all I know.

Fortunately, though I couldn't get the tooth, the tooth fairy, who is understandably much smaller than I, was able to locate it, so the boy got his tooth fairy money. So all's well that ends well. But next time, maybe it would be best to let the tooth fairy deal with a little blood.

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Gramma said...

I didn't know you knew there was an "under the sink." You continue to amaze me with your gifts. Being a parent sure changes a person's values, doesn't it? That was never more apparent to me than when I found myself cutting earthworms in half with my thumbnail and weaving them onto fishhooks. (worms of any kind tend to raise my bile) I'm so proud of the Daddy you are.