Saturday, June 17, 2006


We were driving down the road last night on our way to pick up dinner. We had Taco Cabana, which, while not wonderful, is a far sight better than Taco Bell. While we were driving, we stopped at a red light and a pickup truck stopped next to us. This was one of those tricked-out pickups, with the rims and the fancy paint and the tinted windows with the name on the back with fancy lettering and all that. It even had hydraulics, which we saw in action as the driver lowered the front end. This was apparently very popular with the kids, as they all commented on it (well, except the little boy who doesn't really talk so much). The best question? "Did that truck bongoo? (have gas)?" No, daughter, it has hydraulics, and it was moving down. "I think it gassed."

Just what this world needs, a pickup truck that makes its own gas.


Hannelie said...

Oh gosh, no! Gassing trucks LOL
Hey, is hot up cars with pop up (or pop out) valves also popular there, here every young man thinks he's The man if he drives his car and it goes Pppsssstt with every gear change! Scares the life out of me each time and it's illegal so the police is really cracking down on them. Why should they think noise is cool?

Gramma said...

Which just illustrates for us how truly impressive those tricked-out vehicles are. We can always trust children (especially the brilliant ones) to keep things in perspective for us.