Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Happy father's day everyone. Happy father's day, pa!

My wife was so sweet this morning, and she let me sleep in. The kids were up at six, as is normal for the weekend (and the week for that matter). So at 6:30, the daughter comes in to give me a hug and a cuddle. This is immediately followed by the little boy and the wife, who come in and lay down on the bed, as well. So I get up and run downstairs with the kids, since I'm awake and the kids are active.

I grab my coca-cola (breakfast of champions) and have a seat. An hour and a half later the wife comes down, fresh from her early morning nap.

Thank you, honey, for letting me sleep in today! :-)

Note from wife: It was 7 o'clock before we came upstairs. And he was already awake and watching TV....


Gramma said...

Happy Father's Day to my son. You are a gem of a dad, as full of love and joy and pride in your children as any person could be. You carry the best parts of your dad and your two grandfathers, all men of honor and caring. Through you, I can treasure and remember my own dad. He would be so proud of the man, and daddy, you are. I love you.

Bookworm said...

My kids are old enough to let us sleep until 8:00 on weekends. I specifically instructed them that, because this was Father's Day, they were not to wake Daddy at 8:00. My daughter followed the order to the letter. At 8:10, she came down and woke him up!

Happy Father's Day to you!

Hannelie said...

Happy Father's day to you Steve!
What a nice note to you from your mum!, congratualtions on doing such a good job! I just love being a parent and experiencing it all.
Hope the day was super.

Michelle said...

Sounds as though you had a super day :o)

You need to be spanked for drinking coke for breakfast!