Thursday, June 08, 2006


Back about 12 years ago, I still lived in Lakewood, WA. While not a bad neighborhood per se, it wasn't the greatest.

One night, I was driving down Washington Blvd. I can't remember where I was going or what I was doing. I remember passing by a car on the side of the road. A little ways down the road I saw a guy walking with a gas can. So I stopped and asked him if he wanted a ride to a gas station. He thanked me and accepted. We chatted for the few minutes it took to get to the gas station. He was a decent guy. After I dropped him off at his car, he thanked me again and we wished each other well.

In the military I did that from time to time as well, whenever I saw a soldier, airman, seaman or Marine who needed a ride.

But, that stop I made that night in Lakewood... I wouldn't do that again. I don't know if the country feels less secure or I feel less secure, but it's not something I would repeat.

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Gramma said...

I picked up a hitch-hiker in 1970, and thought I was being very brave. Believe it or not, your Bapa and Grandma used to hitch-hike when they were first married. Don't you be helping out strangers now...not even in friendly Texas.