Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday is Haiku Day

Gotta buy a new
minivan. Dumb hit and run
jerk - Now I can't fish!

(not entirely true, but it fits the rules)

I look forward to your contributions.


Papamoka said...

I was looking all over your site for a tip jar to make a contribution to your mini van dilema.... I was going to put in it "don't bet the horses" for a tip...

Good luck with the mini van hunt

Bellejar said...

car shopping awful
noone is even helpful
they just take your dough!

Hannelie said...

I drive a minivan too and I just love it, mine is a oldie 1985, hubby drive the better car, but mine's got the space for 3 kids, pram, baby safety seat and school AND sports bags the lot. I like sitting high and 'looking down' on people LOL! A bit heavy on fuel though.
Happy hunting.

PAPA said...

What is your e-mail address?