Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's a Hard Knock Life

We're with one car this week. This is a direct result of our no longer having two cars. So this means, since I'm the one who can drive a manual, I get to drive everyone. Yay.

I also got out of work late tonight, natch.

So I go and pick up the kids, then go to get the wife, this is to ensure the kids are picked up without fear of not getting back before daycare closes.

Since we're up on the northwest side of town, we decide to eat dinner. We ask the kids what they want, and The Boy gets upset at the suggestion of Wendy's. So upset that he says 59 Diner (a local diner here). We agree to 59 Diner, which apparently upsets The Boy, as he turns away toward the wall and won't look at us.

We eventually get in the car, and he wants to get in first. This makes sense, since he must sit in the middle. So we tell the daughter to let him in first. This also upsets The Boy.

Then we get to the diner. We ask him what he wants to drink. He says nothing, but we get him a water, nonetheless. Then we order our meals. He says he wants a chili-cheese dog. So we order one. This also upsets The Boy. He decides to pout on the chair. We don't mind silent pouting, but require him to sit upright. This causes some more whiny behavior (go figure).

Then dinner comes. Unfortunately, they run out of Mac and Cheese, so the daughter graciously gives hers to the little Boy who loves Mac and Cheese. She gets a corn dog instead. Can't complain there. The Boy, however, got a Chili-cheese dog. OH THE HUMANITY! He shoves it away and starts grumbling and near crying.

Don't you hate it when you get what you want?


Gramma said...

Gosh, I sure hope he doesn't want me to come visit, I'd hate to make him even more upset!

Hannelie said... never win...mine get days like that as well!

Matthew said...

The number of Americans who drive cars with manual transmissions has declined, according to this NPR story.

Michelle said...

Food & meals in my house, would have to be the biggest cause of concern...i can't believe it!!

Cassie said...

Jack gets like that too sometimes. It drives me crazy. Nothing is good enough. We then figure he must be tired so he gets to go to bed unless he can be "nice".
PS He LOVES his Bob da Mato. Thank you so much for thinking of him!