Monday, June 12, 2006

Meeting of the Minds

So here's the deal. You have two attorneys, each representing different parties. The parties are unable to come to any agreements on where to take a sworn statement of a witness. So the issue goes to court. How do you solve a problem like this? Have a hearing, determine the facts and find an equitable arrangement?

Nahhh, you have the opposing parties play Rock, Paper, Scissors!

To be honest, I kind of like that idea. It makes a bit more sense to me. Childish arguments need childhood remedies.

I also think adults should bring back the "not it," the "One potato, two potato," and most importantly, the "do over." I think these could solve so many of life's adult problems.


Bellejar said...

Maybe this should be how all cases are decided, to heck with Jury trials! Although, I have heard from many people this is a game of skill.

Michelle said...

Wow, stuff like that just never happens here, its always done in the prosecutors office. ( LOL not the scissors paper rock, the sworn statement)

Weary Hag said...

This is exactly what we need in this country. Simple solutions. :) Loved this post!

JMJanssen said...

I've always liked the solution of one person splits, the other chooses. Modified to the situation of course.