Monday, June 19, 2006


Houston is looking at a lot of flooding today. I should be relatively unaffected on my drive to work, so long as the rain stays slow like it is right now. But the news is announcing that if you don't have to go anywhere to not go anywhere.

This reminds me of snow delays when I was stationed in Maryland. What I remember was a big Nor'easter that came up in the beginning of the year 2000. The next day there was a one-hour delay in going to work. Now I presumed that when there's a delay for showing up, it's because the roads are treacherous, and they want to give time to clear up the streets to make them safer to drive on, so stay home and wait. I was wrong. What we were told when we got to work was that a delay means that you are allowed to show up as much as one hour late without worrying about getting reamed for being late. You are to leave at the normal time, though, and try to get to work at starting time.

This seems so counterintuitive to me that I still can't view it as correct. Safety needs to come first, even if it means staying at home watching the weather channel. But that was another time, years ago.

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Gramma said...

Sounds like my school district: they used to close school on snow days because it was too treacherous for the buses, but we teachers were expected to show up, on time, and put in a full day. They don't make us do that any more.