Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yugiyoh - the real meaning is June 25

Fifty-six years ago today, North Korean soldiers, with backing from the Soviet Union and PRC, crossed over the 38th parallel and invaded the First Republic of Korea. The DPRK soldiers caught the ROK soldiers completely off-guard, and began routing the South Korean army and the few Americans left in country. After three years of bitter fighting, leaving approximately 900,000 Chinese, 520,000 North Korean, 400,000 UN and ROK, and 155,000 US soldiers either killed or woudned, a Cease-fire was declared, with the line being approximately where it was before the fighting began. To this day, no treaty has been signed, and these two countries are still technically at war.
Take a moment to remember those who died protecting those who couldn't protect themselves from the yoke of tyranny.

BTW, the title reference to Yugiyoh comes from the Korean term for the start of the Korean war. Yook (or Yoog) - 6, or June, Ee meaning 2, and Oh, meaning 5, combined for 25. So, to the Koreans, this is June 25, or Yukiyoh/Yugiyoh.

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