Tuesday, June 13, 2006


So I finished my last final on May 17. As of yesterday, I had received no grades. Surprisingly, all of my grades came in today. While I didn't do great, I did manage to do a grade increment better than last semester, which is always a good thing. My best grade was (not surprisingly) in my favorite class.

Now what I find very interesting about this past year is that the fall semester, I worked my tail off, studied as hard as I knew how to, stressed to a point of sheer exhaustion, and I had my worst semester ever.

Spring semester, though, I studied far less. I didn't put in nearly as much time studying (though I did study), and while I still stressed out quite a bit during finals, I was much calmer going into the tests than last semester. And I had my second best semester in law school.

There's a moral there somewhere, I think it's something along the lines of "you can work your tail off trying to get through the mountain, digging like mad to clear your trail, end up exhausted and battered, or you can walk around the mountain and end up in the same place with far less wear.


Gramma said...

Ahh, Grasshopper...you are learning.

Bellejar said...

Congrats! I never was able to do best in my favorite classes. My favorite classes were with the crazy hard teachers who taught strictly socratic and made you work like a dog.

Michelle said...

Congrats Steve! My fav classes had pond scum for tutors! Needless to say i did/do well in those classes where i can relate to the tutors, no matter how horrible the class!

Matthew said...

Not only is the grading in law school anonymous, but also it is random and arbitrary. Grades are inversely proportionate to effort invested.