Saturday, June 17, 2006


I like movies. I've liked watching movies for as long as I can remember. I distinctly remember watching Star Wars when it first came out - back when I was 3. I know that I only remember the swing across the broken bridge, but I remember that we went.

I've wanted to write a screenplay for quite some time now, as well. But writer's block kept me from doing so. But today, I had a brainstorm!

A harrowing tale of a young Norwegian boy. He was born in a prison to a mother serving a life sentence on a trumped-up charge. Despite the dismal setting in which he finds himself - due to circumstances, he's required to stay in prison with his mother - he finds a way to keep those around him happy, a lone bright spot in their lost lives. He brings hope to those who otherwise had none, and wants for nothing, because he's known nothing but this life.

His mother and her fellow inmates, however, want more for this young lad. They want to give him the chance that they won't get, an opportunity to view the world outside the Norwegian prison, to live, to learn, and to enjoy the world around him. So they devise a plan to break him out of prison. They hope to get him to his mother's family, who can get him away from the dead end in which fate placed him. But can he do it?

I'm going to call the movie "Bjorn Free."

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